Presentation Guidelines

All papers will have a discussant. Please note that each author can present only one paper. Each presentation will be allocated in a 25 minutes slot – this will allow for 15 minutes to present plus 10 minutes questions and answers.

Data projection and overhead projectors will be provided as standard in each session. We use the Microsoft PowerPoint as the standard software. Both .ppt/.pptx versions are compatible with the software we use.

You can bring your files on any kind of USB storage device or send it to us in advance. However please ensure the version of software is compatible with Win OS. If you decide to send us your presentation in advance, we’ll make sure that the presentation will be uploaded to the conference computer before the conference starts. We kindly ask you to bring the backup copy of your presentation.

We do not specify a template for presentations, but we kindly ask you to read the following tips in order to help you format your presentations.

Tips for formatting your presentation:

  • Please do not use more than 15 slides; even less is preferred
  • Use white (or if coloured very light) background, black font (Arial, Times New Roman or Helvetica), please avoid any script type font.
  • Headings should be 32 point font or larger; sub-headings should be 30 point or larger; and text should be 28 point or larger if possible. No text on the slide should be less than 20 point to make it readable also for the people at the back of the room.
  • Limit the writing to minimun – include only essential information, list key concepts, not full sentences.
  • Use bullet system, do not use more than six bullets per slide.
  • Tables and graphics should be kept simple and clear.
  • The closing slide should encourage questions from the audience