The purpose of IFKAD 2018 is to explore the role and the relevance of new sources, dimensions and characteristics of knowledge supporting organizations as well as regional and urban systems in their aim to create valuable societal impact by addressing fundamental questions. What are the major challenges society is facing in the near future and how are they related to knowledge and design? What is the role of knowledge and design to cope with the major challenges our society is facing? These fundamental questions increasingly represent fundamental features to cope with the increasing complexity and turbulence of today’s business landscape.

The IFKAD 2018 special focus is on: Societal Impact of Knowledge and Design

Key Themes

Theoretical, empirical and practitioner papers are invited that address with new approaches, models, tools, and methods following research challenges

Special Tracks

Additionally to general key themes of the conference, we also propose a list of special tracks for which you can submit your article.
Eo submit your work for one of these tracks, please specify it within the submission form.

Towards a Science of Ideas

Modern society thrives on knowledge. States, companies and universities are continuously acquiring, recombining, producing and applying knowledge. Where in former centuries agriculture or industry was the economic foundation of society, knowledge is now the most important pillar.