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IFKAD 2017 Special Tracks

Empowering data for value co-creation
Due to digitalisation, the amount of available data is growing exponentially, offering lots of new opportunities e.g. for understanding perceptions and actions of the employees, customers and other business partners better than before, and furthermore, for using real-time data in decision-making. The new digital environment offers lots of possibilities for value co-creation, but to get the best out of digitalisation companies need to understand how to blend different data sources, empower the data and interact in the digital and multichannel environment. In this track, we seek answers for the contemporary question: "How can digitalisation be used for blending and empowering data in a way that enables new kinds of way of value co-creation?" The track welcomes both theoretical and practical research papers widely on themes of digitalisation, value co-creation, blending data sources and empowering data for decision-making.

Data, value, co-creation, digitalisation, decision-making, social analytics

Heli Aramo-Immonen | Tampere University of Technology, Finland
Nina Helander | Tampere University of Technology, Finland
Jari Jussila | Tampere University of Technology, Finland