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IFKAD 2017 Special Tracks

Knowledge integration and co-creation value
In recent years research was devoted to understand the specific process of knowledge integration in the innovation process, both within an internal view or and external one. Some studies (Edvardsson & Tronvoll, 2013), recalling the FP 9 of Vargo and Lusch (2008) "All social and economic actors are resource integrators" define resource integration as the involved actors' activities and interactions when resources are integrated and operated upon. According such a view innovation is the result of a resource integration process (Caridà et al., forthcoming). The interaction among the parties is a significant enabler of organizational learning and knowledge transfer (Lusch, Vargo, and Wessels 2008) which foster the exchange and the combination of resources among actors (Vargo and Lusch, 2008). Which is the relationship between knowledge and resource? Is it knowledge a particular kind of resource? How interaction could be facilitated and managed (if possible)? This track aims at depicting the role of knowledge in co-creating value with different stakeholders. We want to discuss the role of knowledge in the co-creation process both interpreting knowledge in different ways (i.e. as process vs as resource), or adopting different theoretical frameworks (i.e. the Service Dominant Logic perspective suggests value is fundamentally derived and determinate in use through the integration and application of resources in a specific context).

Consider the following (and not exhaustive) list of possible themes:
  • knowledge creation in co-creation processes
  • knowledge integration in co-creation processes
  • stakeholders in co-creating value
  • coordination mechanisms to co-create value
  • resource integration in value co-creation
  • mechanisms for the integration of resources
  • practice theory
  • service innovation as knowledge integration system
  • technology as resource integration enabler

Knowledge, resource integration, Service Dominant Logic, value co-creation

Ernesto De Nito| University Magna Graecia of Catanzaro, Italy
Maria Colurcio | University Magna Graecia of Catanzaro, Italy