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IFKAD 2017 Themes and Topics

Theoretical, empirical and practitioner papers are invited that address with new approaches, models, tools, and methods following research challenges:

  • Knowledge management for 21st century organizations: characteristics, approaches and frameworks;
  • Knowledge value drivers and knowledge management processes: new theories and practices;
  • Knowledge management strategy for sustainable and inclusive growth of organizations and communities;
  • Knowledge management and innovation capacity;
  • Knowledge management and business model innovation;
  • Models, approaches, methods and tools to support creation, sharing, and exploitation of knowledge for sustainable value creation dynamics;
  • Knowledge management systems, ICT and digitalization;
  • Inter-organizational knowledge dynamics;
  • Knowledge management for entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship and incubation;
  • Intellectual Capital Management: new evidences and applications;
  • Organizational learning;
  • Human resources management, collective intelligence and organizational design;
  • Knowledge, co-creation and organizational value: theories and practices;
  • Resilience and creativity for knowledge workers;
  • Arts-based management approaches and tools for knowledge management and organizational development;
  • Design thinking methods for innovation and knowledge creation and visualization;
  • Knowledge management and Intellectual Capital-based models for the sustainable and inclusive development of regions and cities;
  • Mechanisms of influence and characteristics of transnational learning on public policies;
  • Knowledge management and social innovation;
  • Knowledge management in education
  • Creative decisions in information management
  • Innovations in knowledge management

Other topics relevant to the conference but not included in the list above will also be considered