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IFKAD 2014

Knowledge and management models for sustainable growth

Matera, Italy - 11-13 June 2014


The management of the strategic knowledge value drivers as well as of the related knowledge management processes may support organizations and communities in developing strategies and practices inspired by sustainability.

The aim of IFKAD 9th was to explore the relevance of knowledge and intellectual capital management for supporting organizations as well as regional and urban systems in their value creation dynamics according to a sustainable growth perspective.

This involves the understanding and development of approaches, models and tools for effectively managing key-knowledge value drivers to support the sustainable growth of organizations and communities. Particular attention will be paid on the role of the knowledge assets dynamics on the design and development of innovative models and interventions in order to provide solutions to problems at organizational, social and urban scale exploiting intangibles, skilled workforce, relationships, and advanced technologies.

The 9th International Forum on Knowledge Assets Dynamics aimed to bring together academicians, policy makers, practitioners and young researchers from different fields to provide an opportunity for discussion and debate regarding "Knowledge and management models for sustainable growth" from a wide range of perspectives – economic, social, environmental and cultural.


Theoretical, empirical and practitioner papers were invited addressing research topics as follows.

  • Knowledge-perspective of sustainable growth for 21st century organizations: characteristics and applications
  • Management models for sustainable growth of organizations and communities
  • Knowledge value drivers and knowledge management processes for advancing sustainability
  • Knowledge management strategy for sustainable growth of organizations and communities
  • Knowledge and innovation capacity for sustainable growth of organizations and communities
  • Models, approaches, methods and tools to support sharing, creation and exploitation of knowledge for sustainable value creation dynamics
  • Knowledge resources management for sustainable innovation
  • Knowledge Management Systems, ICT and sustainable growth
  • Expert and intelligent systems for sustainable growth of organisations
  • Knowledge and knowledge management models for the sustainable development of regions and cities
  • Knowledge value drivers and sustainable health systems
  • Knowledge and social innovation models for sustainable development
  • Performance measurement and sustainable growth of organizations and communities
  • Arts-based initiatives and creativity as a resource for sustainability


ALBINO, Vito - Polytechnic University of Bari, ITA GORJESTANI, Nicolas - World Bank, USA
GRANT, Robert - Bocconi University, ITA
LANDRY, Charles - Comedia, UK
SPENDER, JC - Kozminski Universit, POL

Full progam of IFKAD 2014 (pdf)