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IFKAD and KCWS 2012

Knowledge, Innovation and Sustainability: Integrating Micro and Macro Perspectives

Matera, Italy - 13-15 June 2012


Successful international sister conference series of International Forum on Knowledge Asset Dynamics (IFKAD) and Knowledge Cities World Summit (KCWS) decided, for the first time, to bring their energies and communities together and with this strengthened synergy to host their 2012 editions in a joint multi-disciplinary conference setting.
The IFKAD-KCWS-2012 joint conference aims to integrate two distinctive but at the same time highly overlapping perspectives – micro and macro – on knowledge-based development at the firm, organisation and city levels. This international conference encourages discussions on three critical dimensions of the development of 21st century – knowledge, innovation and sustainability. These three essential dimensions of knowledge-based development increasingly represent critical factors affecting the value creation capacity of organisational systems of both firms and organisations (at micro level) and cities (at macro level).
Therefore, to prosper in the new complex and competitive business age of the global knowledge economy era firms, organisations and cities need to answer the following three critical questions that this joint conference aims to address

  • How critical knowledge assets and knowledge-based development principles and frameworks significantly affect value creation mechanisms and development of firms, organisations and cities;
  • How to embed creativity and innovation in the planning, development and management processes of firms, organisations and cities to become more competitive in the era of global knowledge economy;
  • How to shape knowledge-based and sustainable firm, organisation and city development models to achieve economic prosperity, environmental sustainability, equitable socio-spatial order and good governance.

The theme for the IFKAD-KCWS-2012 has been selected acknowledging that in the era of global knowledge economy firms, organisations and cities are challenged to face an increasing complexity and to deal with competitive macro forces that are reshaping the competitive landscape. The IFKAD-KCWS-2012 is seeking to explore the role and the links between knowledge, innovation and sustainability with a perspective of bringing together and integrating micro and macro perspectives via a multi-disciplinary approach and delegate that identifies the critical current and future issues, challenges and opportunities.
The 7th IFKAD 2012 and 5th KCWS was organized by the Institute of Knowledge Asset Management, Queensland University of Technology and University of Basilicata. The event was held on 13-15 June 2012 in Matera, Italy.


Theoretical, empirical and practitioner papers were invited addressing research topics as follows.
Firstly, papers discussing the traditional IFKAD and KCWS focuses on the role of knowledge assets and knowledge-based development in firm, organisation and city value creation, planning, development and management are invited from different perspectives such as the following:

  • Intellectual capital in the service economy
  • Strategic performance management and intellectual capital
  • Measuring and managing knowledge and intellectual capital
  • Business models for intellectual capital
  • Information systems for intellectual capital and knowledge management
  • Knowledge-based economy and value generation
  • Knowledge, emotions and aesthetic dimensions affecting organisational behaviour
  • Knowledge cities, regions, nations and societies
  • Knowledge-based urban development;
  • Knowledge cluster, enterprise and organisations;
  • Creative class of knowledge workers;
  • Creativity, innovation, technology and learning communities;
  • Sustainable urban development, climate change and quality of life;
  • Financial aspects of intangibles and intellectual capital

Secondly, the IFKAD-KCWS-2012 encourages especially contributions exploring the key theme of the conference and in particular the following perspectives:

  • Managing knowledge assets to shape sustainable firms, organisations and cities and integrating micro and macro perspectives;
  • Knowledge-based planning, development and management of firms, organisations and cities;
  • The role of creativity and innovation in knowledge-based development of firms, organisations and cities;
  • The 21st century knowledge-based value drivers of innovation and sustainable development for firms, cities, clusters and networks.


CARRILLO, Francisco Javier - Tec de Monterrey, MEX
GORJESTANI, Nicolas - World Bank, USA
LIEBOWITZ, Jay - University of Maryland University College, USA
SELBY, Stephen - Hong Kong Polytechnic University, HKG
SPENDER, JC - ESADE and Lund University, USA
YIGITCANLAR, Tan - Queensland Univeristy of Technology, AUS
ZAMBON, Stefano - University of Ferrara, ITA

Full progam of IFKAD-KCWS 2012 (pdf)