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IFKAD 2008

Intellectual Capital Dynamics and Innovation Capabilities

Matera, Italy - 26-28 June 2008


Although the basic relationship between Intellectual Capital (IC) and Innovation Capabilities is on the whole persuasive, more remains to be understood about at different level of analysis. The challenge for managerial research lies then in formulating and extending theoretically grounded models and empirical applications in order to develop more rigorous conceptualisations, findings and practical uses of IC management for companies' innovation capabilities improvement.
Managers and decision-makers, therefore, need to understand how IC is linked and affects innovation and business performance, how to manage and measure IC, how to design and implement strategies and actions for IC development in order to enhance innovation capabilities and companies' value creation dynamics.
The main purpose of the IFKAD 2008 was to provide an international opportunity for the exchange of cutting edge knowledge and research about the role, theory and practice of IC management and measuring for sustaining innovation capabilities and value creation dynamics of companies as well as of nations, regions, clusters, local production systems and industrial districts and cities.

The IFKAD 2008 was focused on the exploration of the following main topics:

  • Intellectual Capital and Innovation Capabilities
  • Intellectual Capital and Organizational Innovation
  • Intellectual Capital and Change Management
  • Intellectual Capital and Performance Improvement
  • Approaches and Techniques for Intellectual Capital Management and Measurement
  • Intellectual Capital of nations, regions, clusters
  • Intellectual Capital-based policies for territorial sustainable development
  • Intellectual Capital and Services

Full progam of IFKAD 2008 (pdf)